Do you like candy n' stuff?




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me: *comes out of room*

parents: oh! lord have mercy! she came out of her cave!



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the CORPSE EATERS (1974)

I’m glad that rotting ghoul took the time to paint his nails before we went out to eat corpses.

I hate it when the ghouls that eat my corpse don’t make an effort, you know?




Who the hell invented the word “smexy” and what the fuck does the letter m in it even stand for



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HARAJUKU FASHION SCAMMER STORE: (Signal boost would be great)

Okay first of all I have tagged these in the respective fashions because this seller primarily sells clothing related to that street style. 

On the 28th I purchased a sheer butterfly skirt from a shop called “whipcreamlove”. I read that the seller Erin orders off taobao so technially she’s similar to an shipping service.

Around the 12th of May after waiting quite a while I visited her store to ask her since my status was still “awaiting shipment.” however her store was under maintenance. I decided to wait a bit more.

I waited until the 23rd where I clicked the “contact whipcreamlove” button on storenvy because it has seriously been too long. Nearly a month. After clicking the button it took me to the second screenshot where it says “The Page you were looking for cannot be found.” I felt somewhat worried and made a post on tumblr. That post can be found here as well as the respective replied from my followers who suggested I contact Paypal.

After I contacted paypal and waiting for a night , she didn’t reply to me. I noticed today when I logged on that she had cancelled my order on storenvy without messaging me or notifying me. At this point I knew she was a scammer. 

Not once did I ever receive a message from the seller throughout the whole month.

I have had a follower who has told me she has received an item from her store which was the item I ordered but after that I have had some girls who haven’t received anything from her store either.
My assumption is that she probably decided to sell a few items first before pulling this whole shenanigan. 

Doing a google search for Erin Tate's store I came across a blog which said whipcreamlove was most likely a scam store. A simple google search brings up the blog but after I receive permission from the blogger I shall link it here. (EDIT: I have received approval and the blog post is here, please also read the comments on the entry.)

I would love to give her the benefit of the doubt and say she is just fixing up her shop. But after messaging her and having her cancel my order without any notice as well as the deleted store is just too fishy.

Signal boost would be nice because it would warn others and anybody from the Cult Party Kei, Aomoji kei or general Harajuku fashion. Also please  take care because my hard earned money has been stolen by this person who claimed to sell those beautiful items. 

Any information I get I will update on this post. 
The store’s tumblr is here
Her other tumblr is here.

Check the tags for the posts of the other girls she has scammed.

EDIT: My money has been returned but not by her. It was by paypal. During the whole claim time period I filed with paypal she never once responded to a message from nor paypal themselves. I’m just happy my money was returned.

And Erin Tate? You’re a real shady and terrible person for scamming so many people. I hope your debt builds up and you cry over it. How could you possibly fathom you could get away with this?

Funny how you haven’t been online since may 17th since everything blew up in your cheating face. You didn’t even announce your giveaway.

But what proof is there that you intended to post the giveaway anyways?

Enjoy the debt, scammer.

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when kids don’t listen to you and think its funny to disobey what youre telling them





what the fuck is thuis.w aht does it mean


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